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Early Edition with Microsoft & NVIDIA

Early Edition with Microsoft & NVIDIA


NVIDIA & Microsoft

Supersweet joined forces with Microsoft and NVIDIA to develop the concept behind "Early Edition," showcasing our expertise in cutting-edge technologies. With a talented team of artists and creators, we crafted a visually stunning experience that captivated audiences.

Using the state-of-the-art Magicbox mobile virtual production Superstudio™, Supersweet recorded "Early Edition" with four cameras. This innovative setup ensured a seamless capture of the show's dynamic content, preserving every exciting moment.Supersweet's dedicated post-production team wasted no time in editing the recorded footage. We swiftly crafted three captivating episodes, each lasting between 10-15 minutes, along with an engaging social media promo. This quick turnaround allowed Supersweet to share their content promptly on their YouTube channels.

Impressive Results:

The launch of "Early Edition" made an immediate impact, attracting a large viewership on NVIDIA's YouTube channels. The combination of thought-provoking discussions, cutting-edge visuals, and informative content resonated with audiences. Supersweet's collaboration with Microsoft and NVIDIA on "Early Edition" at NAB 2023 showcased our ability to create captivating content using the latest technologies. With our expertise in virtual production, Supersweet delivered an outstanding show that garnered thousands of views shortly after its release. The success of "Early Edition" reaffirms Supersweet's position as an innovative and engaging force in the industry.

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