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Supersweet Motion Pictures

Supersweet Motion Picture productions is a dynamic video & photo production agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We craft content that grabs attention and helps get you new customers and sales! Our cutting-edge techniques are always on the forefront of what's next so you can be sure our results will exceed expectations. We specialize in fitness and wellness and work directly with clients, advertising & communications agencies as well as PR firms to craft sensational video content. From traditional corporate videos and commercials using virtual production in LED volumes, to animation, photography and podcasts, we specialize in creating stunningly sweet visuals guaranteed to leave an impact - it's what we like to call 'Supersweet!'

Real Clients. Real Results.

THANK YOU for always being so easy to work with and just really understanding the brand! So talented, efficient and always the most fun to work with and most importantly, drives brand awareness on the projects they do. Supersweet makes our jobs so much easier!

Kristen Mackenzie
Sr. Marketing Manager
New Balance

About us.

Supersweet Motion Pictures



Before we start filming, we listen.


Tell us all about your story, your product or your service – and, equally crucial, your budget, timeframe and expectations.


We’ll then come up with a comprehensive solution and concept that check all your boxes and makes you a Supersweet customer. Tap into our expertise, use it to your advantage and create the right video marketing approach for your project or brand.


Finally, we go into editing to bring the final product to life. This is where your brand comes to life, one frame at a time.

We also provide editing services as an extension of your team, assisting internal creative teams with additional hourly support to one-off editing projects where you may not have the bandwidth to finish. Contact us for more information and reduced based on a quarterly subscription.


First, we prepare. Scriptwriting, talent, wardrobe andlocation procurement, planning., planning and more planning. Then, production starts. Cameras? We use all kinds for the right look. We make sure everyone on set is on the same page. Everyone on the project comes in with a clear focus and an eye for the slightest detail. If we prepare well, everyone is at ease – and it shows in the end product.


As the pandemic forced us all to work remotely and limited our in-person shoots, we quickly adjusted and began to capture video remotely in a variety of ways (and not through Zoom). We are pros in remote recordings that capture higher quality video footage than Zoom can, and bring together top streaming teams that can produce your live event.


While beautifully shot live-action video can tell a story well, we can enhance any story with motion graphics and animation. Motion graphics and animation vastly widen your storytelling toolset by bringing in lively assets limited only by the imagination. We can create a stand alone animated video for you or enhance live -action with added motion graphics to help tell your story.


We love new technology and we're on the forefront of virtual video production. With our virtual production studio, we're able to capture footage cheaper, faster and safer utilzing giant LED walls and Unreal Engine.




Concept development, scriptwriting, real locations, virtual locations, production, editing, motion graphics, we do it all!

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