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Supersweet Motion Pictures
Cal-Berkeley Video Content

Cal-Berkeley Video Content


University of California-Berkeley

Supersweet teamed up with the Cal Berkeley football team to create special content that they could use for the 2023 football season.

​The playing field:

Using our Berkeley LED studio, Supersweet captured several players with various backgrounds we created specifically for the shoot. The backgrounds we created were custom 2D animations as well as using in-game footage with treatments applied to it. We added in special lighting effects and haze to bring drama to the set. 

​High Scoring Results:

The content has been used in a wide array of uses from social media promotions, in-game scoreboard content, marketing as well as recruiting.

​Supersweet's collaboration with the Cal Football team showcased our ability to create captivating content using the latest technologies. With our expertise in virtual production, Supersweet delivered a huge score for the football team. 

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