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Five Supersweet Video Ideas for Internal Communications in March & April

Internal communications
Instead of talking directly to camera for important messaging, try a side by side interview.

Internal communication is an essential part of any organization, and creating engaging video content can be a great way to share information, build team spirit, and improve engagement. In this blog post, we will explore some video ideas that can be created for internal communications in the month of March and April.

  1. Reflection: Take some time to reflect on the successes and challenges of the first quarter. Celebrate achievements, recognize hard work and dedication, and identify areas for improvement. This reflection can help build morale and motivate employees to continue working towards their goals.

  2. Employee Spotlight Video: Creating an employee spotlight video can be an effective way to build team spirit and recognize individual contributions. Choose a team member to feature and highlight their accomplishments, skills, and unique qualities. This can help boost morale and motivate other employees to work towards their goals.

  3. Safety and Wellness Video: Creating a safety and wellness video can help ensure that employees are aware of the policies and procedures in place to keep them safe and healthy. This can include information on workplace safety, mental health resources, and tips for staying healthy during the pandemic.

  4. Project Update Video: Creating a project update video can be a great way to keep employees informed about the progress of ongoing projects. Highlight key milestones and accomplishments, and outline the next steps to keep everyone on track and aligned.

When creating videos for internal communications, it's important to keep them engaging and visually appealing. Use graphics, animations, and other visual elements to convey key messages and make the video more interesting to watch. Keep the tone positive and inspiring, highlighting the opportunities and possibilities for growth and success.

Creating videos for internal communications in the month of March and April can be a great way to engage employees, celebrate achievements, and keep everyone informed about important updates and initiatives. So, whether you choose to create an employee spotlight video or a safety and wellness video, be sure to keep your content engaging and relevant to your audience. With over 20 years of experience in creating internal communications videos, Supersweet can provide new and engaging concepts to get your message out there.

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