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Supersweet Motion Pictures


The industry is being revolutionized by virtual video! Our virtual production studio is open for rental.

Whether you want to bring your own team or need our professional crew to handle the shoot, we've got you covered.

Anyone can now access our virtual production studio - it's a revolutionary tool for marketing! With this amazing technology, we can shoot sharp visuals faster, cheaper and safer than ever before. Plus, even your craziest idea will become reality: imagine shooting 3 scenes in 4 different locations all within one day!? Say goodbye to production nightmares as we bring new processes with immersive environments through our advanced LED volumes perfect for capturing stunning footage that are sure roll make 'em say wow!

Our studio is available for rental with your own crew, or we can staff your shoot if needed. We provide one operator to operate Unreal or graphics/video playback.

Watch a case study of a video utilizing our studio here.

Our LED wall is great for:

  • Product photography & video.

  • Hard to shoot locations.

  • Green screen replacement tool.

  • Replace a cyc with a solid color background and save time in lighting.

Equipment provided with studio rental:

  • 2.8 pixel pitch LED Video Wall 22' wide x 10' tall

  • Unreal Engine

  • Mo-Sys Star Tracker: Attach to your own camera


Starts at $250/hour, four hour minimum. Inquire for more information on pricing.


1. This technology provides a high level of immersion that allows actors and cameras to interact with the virtual environment in real-time.

2. The flexibility to adjust the virtual environment quickly and easily. This means that making changes to the environment or camera angles on the fly, without the need for costly reshoots or extensive post-production work.

3. With the Magicbox Superstudio, we can save time and increase efficiency by shooting all scenes in one location, rather than having to move from location to location. This means that they can shoot more footage in less time, which can ultimately save time and money in post-production.

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